Bypass View Only Access on Google

If you only have View Only access to something on G Suite that you would like to edit. You can bypass this by going to the document (slide, sheet, whatever.) Clicking on file, and make a copy! Once you click on this you'll be prompted to change the name and location. Where do you want… Continue reading Bypass View Only Access on Google



One of my favorite online resources to use in a classroom is Kahoot. You can create a quiz online and students can take it from any device. I love it because you can search TEKS and see what teachers have already made and use their pre-made questions. This feature is so helpful for busy teachers.  I love… Continue reading Kahoot


Padlet is like a giant discussion board? But also like a pinterest board, but also like Google Hangout?! But also like a billion other things. It's a conglomeration of all things wonderful and it makes the possibilities for your lesson endless. Padlet is user friendly and password protected. It used to just be a blank… Continue reading Padlet

TES Teach’s Blendspace

Blendspace! What a beautiful layout to use for your presentations. I used Blendspace last year for a lesson and LOVED IT, but only for presenting. Now there are all these interactive features that make your presentation into an engaging LESSON and possibly a flipped lesson? Check out this Blendspace for a great example. The most… Continue reading TES Teach’s Blendspace

Playposit… what?

So, Playposit peeked my interest because their logo is a dachshund and I have a beautiful dachshund named Pickles. Anyways! Playposit is cool! I stumbled upon it on twitter and was like... WHY NOT It's FREEEE! (my favorite phrase) It is a lot like edpuzzle, where you can take videos and make them interactive. I… Continue reading Playposit… what?

EdPuzzle is Flipping great!

If you've ever been interested in flipping your classroom, the easiest way to start is definitely with EdPuzzle! What is EdPuzzle you say? EdPuzzle is a website that allows you to take videos from the web (youtube, vimeo, khan academy, etc!) and edit them. You can stop them mid video and have students take a… Continue reading EdPuzzle is Flipping great!