Visme is a web 2.0 tool that is more for presentations. I've used it to make this presentation. As you can see it's a slideshow presentation, like powerpoint or google slides. You can collaborate with other workers. However! It has GREAT graphics. That's the best part! These graphics are so interesting and FREE! You can upgrade… Continue reading Visme


Playposit… what?

So, Playposit peeked my interest because their logo is a dachshund and I have a beautiful dachshund named Pickles. Anyways! Playposit is cool! I stumbled upon it on twitter and was like... WHY NOT It's FREEEE! (my favorite phrase) It is a lot like edpuzzle, where you can take videos and make them interactive. I… Continue reading Playposit… what?

EdPuzzle is Flipping great!

If you've ever been interested in flipping your classroom, the easiest way to start is definitely with EdPuzzle! What is EdPuzzle you say? EdPuzzle is a website that allows you to take videos from the web (youtube, vimeo, khan academy, etc!) and edit them. You can stop them mid video and have students take a… Continue reading EdPuzzle is Flipping great!

Stop typing with index fingers!!!

My biggest pet peeve is watching students type with their index fingers! OMG! What happened to Home Row?! I can type unbelievably fast thanks to technology being in the specials rotation. (Why isn't it anymore?!?!) Anywho, here are some resources to help you, if you suffer like I do from INDEX FINGER TYPING RAGE SYNDROME!… Continue reading Stop typing with index fingers!!!

Easiest Listen to Reading Station EVER


I stumbled upon the easiest listening to reading station ever! In our district we are only given 1 iPad for the classroom… (SAY WHAT?!?!) So you have to come up with some pretty creative ideas on how to use that iPad. I used it for a listen to reading station during literacy centers.


I use this app. This app (shown above) is all those old school readers we used to use for small group. You know the ones that came with the journey’s basil back when we could still use teacher editions?!

It’s great for DIFFERENTIATION!! (You know that big word that Principals like to hear!) All the books are leveled and you can tell the kids which book group they can listen to! It high lights the words and reads the books to them.


I attached a headphone splitter (shown above) and let the kids work in their guided…

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