One of my favorite online resources to use in a classroom is Kahoot. You can create a quiz online and students can take it from any device. I love it because you can search TEKS and see what teachers have already made and use their pre-made questions. This feature is so helpful for busy teachers. 

I love that students can “compete” against each other live, or this can be sent home for homework. From the teacher’s side, you can see grades. You can also see which questions every student had missed to help shape your instruction.

The negative and positive of Kahoot is that it does not require a log in. This is great because it means access for everyone. It also means, that you have to be able to trust that your students are typing their name in correctly before taking the Kahoot. Another downside is that you have to put a time for each question, I don’t want my students to feel rushed.

You can use Kahoot for any subject, and any age. You can use it whole group, in the computer lab, on iPads or even have students use their own devices in class.

Kahoot has some other interesting features, too. You can have a discussion board, jumble games or surveys. These are newer features, but just as fun for students!

How could you use Kahoot in your classroom?


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