Today I decided to look into this new app called Quizling, mostly because they started following me on Twitter. I had never heard about it before, but it looked like Quizizz and we ALL know how much I love Quizizz!

First of all it’s an app and is not webbased, which is okay, but variety is always nice. It is available on google play AND iTunes!

In iTunes, the app says that it contains quizzes that are intros into the museums in Australia. The app does have pre-made quizzes, but I don’t see any from teachers. It mostly is about Australian museums, or landmarks. (I took one on the Sydney Opera House, did you know it was inspired by fruit!?)

Making a quiz on Quizling is very easy! You can upload any picture straight from your phone and have a multiple choice question or true or false question.

You can sign up for “channels” which are accounts that have their own quiz, one looks like a newspaper? It’s kind of neat, you can take quizzes on the news, which could be neat for older students.

There is a search feature and I found lots of quizzes there! I can add one question or take the whole quiz!

This could be a very helpful feature, it just needs more teachers to upload quizzes!!

Quizling is fun! It can be a great tool to send home with students to play with.

It’s a FREE resource, so why not try it?


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