Playposit… what?

So, Playposit peeked my interest because their logo is a dachshund and I have a beautiful dachshund named Pickles. IMG_0938

Anyways! Playposit is cool! I stumbled upon it on twitter and was like… WHY NOT It’s FREEEE! (my favorite phrase)

It is a lot like edpuzzle, where you can take videos and make them interactive. I like that you have classes and it has safe search on. So students can create videos and there not be any concerns.

Unlike Edpuzzle, you can add content on the side instead of just questions. You can add images and more information! There is a discussion board where students can ask you questions. There is a chat piece where students can discuss with each other. There are a ton of features, and it’s definitely worth playing and testing!

Check it out! It’s freeeeeee.


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