EdPuzzle is Flipping great!

If you’ve ever been interested in flipping your classroom, the easiest way to start is definitely with EdPuzzle!

What is EdPuzzle you say?

EdPuzzle is a website that allows you to take videos from the web (youtube, vimeo, khan academy, etc!) and edit them. You can stop them mid video and have students take a mini quiz over what they saw. You can stop and be like HEY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS AND REALLY GRASPING THIS CONCEPT?!?! Or you can create your own video to edit! It’s amazing!

You have a classroom with all your students. You can see what their responses were AND you can see how long it took them to take the lesson.


OH BTW you can import your Google Classroom into Edpuzzle. EASY!

It’s a FREE resource, why not try it?

Try it out! How do you implement this in YOUR classroom?


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